From February 16 – 19 2005, delegates from the International Olympic Committee will be visiting east London, providing an opportunity to expose the misleading and shallow populism of the London bid supporters.

This may be one of our few chances to stop the bid in its tracks – the final decision will be made in July 2005. A corporate-sponsored, multi-million pound Olympics in London will be a financial and environmental disaster built on lies told to some of the poorest communities in Britain. It will lead to even more draconian ‘anti-terror’ and public order legislation and be paid for not by the rich or businesses but by Londoners.

Our chance to say WE DON’T Back the Bid!

No to London 2012 is a coalition of east London community groups, anti-authoritarian and social justice campaigners opposed to the bid to stage the Olympics in London in 2012
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Leaflet – Download a leaflet, a spoof of an existing Back the Bid leaflet, to print and distribute.
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Walks – Come and take a guided walk around the area of the proposed Olympic site. Hear about the true environmental impact from a local expert.
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ULU – 14/12/04 – Demonstration at a Back The Bid meeting
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Cartoon Olympics and the Lower Lee: Direct local environmental impacts December 2004
The Olympic zone is located between Homerton Road and Stratford High Road, which incorporates the Bow Back Rivers. These comprise the Old River Lea, Waterworks River, City Mill River, Pudding Mill River and Bow Back River. The zone lies along the east side of the Lea Navigation. Read the whole article

London’s Olympic Myths by Kevin Blowe, November 2004
After the disaster of the Millennium Dome, the delays and spiralling costs of the new Wembley Stadium and the abandoned plans to stage the 2005 World Athletics Championships at Picketts Lock in Enfield, you would expect us all to be sceptical of the government’s competence in handling international events or large-scale ‘regeneration’ projects… Read the whole article Download as .pdf file

The Olympic Games : Winners and Losers
The London 2012 public relations assault is now in full flow, and for the organisers it needs to be. When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides who is to host the 2012 Games, the level of public support in the candidate city is one important factor. So we’re told that if the Games come to East London, East Londoners will win in every way possible: regeneration, jobs, the local economy, the environment, more facilities etc. One way of finding out if these promises are real is to look at recent Olympics (and other Games) and see how people in the host cities fared… Read the whole article

London 2012 : A Sustainable Sporting Legacy?
“…existing evidence suggests that the presumed ‘trickle down effects’ of general increases in sports participation and a general improvement in fitness and health are unlikely direct outcomes of a successful Olympic Games Bid. Leaving aside the not inconsiderable problem that sporting excellence may not be the best model for encouraging ‘grassroots participation’, in terms of broader strategic outcomes the Olympic Games can only be regarded as only one element in a much broader, long term, developmental programme.”

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